Flow Wine Rack

Free UK Delivery The importance of wine to a good meal, or even a good party, can never be underestimated nor understated. A good red with a rare steak, a crisp white with sushi or a nice glass of plonk in front of the telly, the enjoyment factor is always the same.

The satisfaction of popping open the cork and hearing the liquid slop into a glass makes wine the choice drink of the connoisseur. But for too long wine has been consigned to racks on the floor, where the bottles attract dust and derision. To appropriately eulogise your ethanol, it is necessary to display it fittingly – and what a fitting this is!

Wall fixings are included, and the corrugated box packaging can cunningly be used as two additional racks for the cellar.

H 550mm W 45mm D 80mm
Maximum Bottle Neck Diameter: Ø 42mm

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