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Irish Coffee Glasses Gift Set Striped Design - £19.99

Bring out the after dinner drinks with the stylish and contemporary Irish Coffee Glasses Gift Set with Striped Design from [email protected] Perfect for entertaining guests at home, these coffee glasses are ideal for serving up a creamy coffee with a whiskey kick. [more...]

Thermoelectric Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer Silver - £79.99

For ultimate versatility, the Thermoelectric Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer from [email protected] can be used for cooling or warming food, either at home or in the car. You'll be able to load it up with a variety of chilled cans, bottles and snacks to fend off the summer heat, while come winter you'll be able to keep hot snacks and drinks at their optimum temperature. [more...]

Spin N Shot Roulette Drinking Game - £19.99

If you're having a party and feel like giving a different 'spin' on the evening then why not try the Spin N Shot Roulette Drinking Game. Based around a roulette wheel you simply spin the centre, add the ball, and drink from the numbered shot glass it lands on. [more...]

Drinking Jars 17.25oz / 490ml - From £14.99

At first sight they might look like a jam jar, but the 49cl Drinking Jars are actually designed to hold a refreshing cold beverage. Complete with glass handle to keep warm hands away from the bowl, these Drinking Jars are ideal for serving up an iced tea, iced coffee or cocktail punch. [more...]

Chrome Ice Crusher - £29.99

Create perfect crushed ice with the Chrome Ice Crusher from [email protected] Perfect for cocktail parties or your home bar, this manual rotary ice crusher can produce a quart of fine or coarse crushed ice in less than a minute. [more...]

Deluxe Cognac & Brandy Warmer Set - £29.99

The Deluxe Cognac & Brandy Warmer Set by [email protected] has been created specially for those that enjoy a nice warm hit of liqueur on a cool evening. Luxuriously packaged in a latched wooden gift box, this set allows you to heat your brandy or cognac with the gentle warmth of candlelight. [more...]

Glass Drinks Dispenser with Stand 197oz / 5.6ltr - From £34.99

With a traditional and elegant design, the Glass Drinks Dispenser with Stand from [email protected] is perfect for filling with your favourite homemade beverage. Ideal for serving cold drinks such as juice, lemonade or punch, this dispenser features a tap for easy pouring straight into your glass. [more...]

Ice Core Beverage Dispenser - From £24.99

It's all very well carrying around a pitcher at your party, but the contents will gradually get too warm to drink. The Ice Core Beverage Dispenser solves the worrying issue of warm beer with a detachable inner chamber that is ideal for filling with ice for chilled drinks all the time! [more...]

Machine Gun Glass - From £24.99

Say hello to my little friend! The Machine Gun Glass offers a whole new way to drink your favourite beverage. Stare down the barrel of this novelty beer glass without any fear and enjoy a cool refreshing drink! Holding more than a pint, this heavyweight glass is based on a classic 1927A1 machine gun, making it an ideal gift for all the gun buffs out there! [more...]

Ravenhead Tulip 12 Piece Party Glasses Set - £15.99

Perfect for dinner parties or re-stocking your glassware cabinet, the Ravenhead Tulip 12 Piece Party Glasses Set will cater for any drink choice. This set features red wine glasses, which are perfectly complemented by the old fashioned tumblers and hiball tumblers which can be used for water or after dinner drinks. [more...]

Manhattan Cocktail Shaker Set - £24.99

Creating fabulous tasting cocktails doesn't have to be a complicated process. The Manhattan Cocktail Shaker Set from [email protected] makes things simple so you can have fun making cocktails at home with friends. The perfect bit of kit for any budding cocktail mixologist, this set contains everything you need to have the confidence to start mixing. [more...]

Rotary 4 Bottle Stand - £39.99

A perfect gift for anyone who likes a swift shot, the Rotary 4 Bottle Stand is the ideal bar top accessory. Simply attach 4 of your favourite spirit bottles to the brackets and you've got your very own drink dispenser that will deliver 35ml shots every time! [more...]

Plastic Yard of Ale Glass with Lid 2.4 Pint - From £19.99

Perfect for raucous parties, this novelty glass is made from a robust reusable plastic, meaning it can be treated with a bit more gusto than the usual pricey and delicate glass yards. Each yard comes complete with its own lid, making it suitable for taking to garden parties, BBQs and festivals. [more...]

Home Cocktail Set - £19.99

If you've always wanted to try your hand becoming a cocktail bartender, then the Home Cocktail Starter Pack from [email protected] is here to help you get on your way to becoming a mix master! Perfect for mixing up a few treats for you and your friends, this kit contains the essentials you will need to get a professional finish. [more...]

The Great British Dimple Mug 20oz / 568ml - From £14.99

Now you can take the pub experience home with you in The Great British Dimple Mugs! Ideal for enjoying a chilled beer with your mates, these pint tankards feature a robust finish with a strong handle to help you swig your favourite beverage! [more...]

ChillQuiet Mini Fridge 17ltr Black - £119.99

The ChillQuiet Mini Fridge offers a convenient and stylish way to cool down your favourite beverages. Perfect if you need some extra cooling capacity, this 17 litre fridge is ideal for living rooms, guest houses and offices. [more...]

ChillQuiet Mini Fridge 17ltr White - £119.99

The small and practical ChillQuiet Mini Fridge is perfect for chilling all your favourite beverages, whether you're running short of space in your refrigerator or need a convenient place to store drinks close to hand. With a quiet running operation due to thermoelectric cooling technology, this 17 litre fridge is ideal for hotels and guest houses. [more...]

Alternato Wine Glasses 14.4oz / 410ml - £26.99

With its unique thick stem design, the Alternato breathes new life into the world of wine glasses by providing an alternative to the usual tall stemware designs so common in wine glasses. With a round bowl ideal for red wine, the Alternato can also be used for whites, rosé, and makes a great display glass for a cocktail! [more...]

Manhattan Nights Cocktail Gift Set - £29.99

If you feel your vodka and coke is lacking a little inspiration, then it's time to get creative with the Manhattan Nights Cocktail Gift Set. This stainless steel set contains everything a beginner needs to whizz up a tasty and fabulous looking cocktail in no time. [more...]

Plastic Cake Dome - 30cm - From £5.99

Display cakes and other baked good with peace of mind that they will be kept fresh and clear of dirt. The Plastic Cake Dome is made from a high impact styrene which means it is sure to last. [more...]

150 Party Drinks Book - £7.19

The handy [email protected] 150 Party Drinks Book features plenty of cocktail recipes to see you through your party, including many classic and contemporary cocktails. The recipes are complemented by full colour images, ideal for any budding cocktail maker. [more...]

Plastic Cocktail Fish Bowl 105.5oz / 3ltr - From £5.99

For all you party drinkers out there, or even party hosts, this is a must have drinking novelty. The only thing you need to do is add the drink, buy some straws and invite your friends round! [more...]

Manhattan Cocktail Shaker - From £9.99

Cocktail shakers are probably the most important part in cocktail making. Why not start your set off with this fine 3 part 28oz Manhattan Cocktail Shaker from [email protected] with built in strainer? It's sure to make you look like a pro! Simple to use and easy to clean! [more...]

Red American Party Cups 16oz / 455ml - From £11.99

Red Party Cups have become a party essential and cultural icon across the pond. Featured in films such as American Pie, the Red American Party Cups from [email protected] are perfect for your own American style party! Perfect for indoor parties, outdoor catering and large events, they can even be used for a classic game of Beer Pong! [more...]

Glass Beer Boot 2 Pint - From £16.99

You've heard the legend of the German Bierstiefel, the 'Beer Boot'. Well, here we bring you the fun party piece, the Glass Beer Boot! [more...]

Kilner Square Clip Top Bottle 1ltr - From £4.99

Fresh and homemade always tastes best, so keep your produce well preserved with the Kilner Square Clip Top Bottle. With a traditional swing top locking lid, this bottle provides an airtight seal for decanting and preserving homemade lemonade, cordial, sloe gin or even for infusing oils and vinaigrettes. [more...]

Lay Z Spa Premium Series 4 - From £5.99

The ridiculously affordable Lay Z Spa Premium is a true sign of luxury without the sky high price tag! There's no need to fork out thousands on a stationary hot tub when the cosy Lay Z Spa Premium can be purchased for under £400 and has the added bonus of being portable! [more...]

Lay Z Spa Filters Size VI - From £5.99

Keep your Lay Z Spa water clean with the Size VI Spa Filters by Bestway. These water filters are designed for use with the 2012 model Lay Z Spa in conjunction with the heat and massage water pump to help keep your spa water clean. [more...]

Royal Genware Latte Mugs 12oz / 340ml - £17.99

It always helps if you've got a favourite mug to gulp down your morning dose of caffeine, and the Royal Genware Latte Mugs are a strong contender to becoming your new favourite friend! With high impact resistance, these cups are of the highest build quality. [more...]

Drinkstuff Cocktail Set - £25.99

No party is complete without cocktails, which is why the Drinkstuff Cocktail Set from [email protected] has been specially compiled by our cocktail buffs so you have all the essentials you need to mix up a variety of cocktails and deal with any drink request! [more...]

Swantex White Compact Dispenser Serviettes 30.5 x 22cm 1ply - From £4.99

Ideal for food and drink outlets, the Swantex White Compact Dispenser Serviettes are made from single ply paper and completely disposable. These napkins fit with a serviette dispenser, ideal for placement on a tabletop or counter where customers can help themselves. [more...]

Viticole Tasting Glasses 10.9oz / 310ml - From £16.99

Whether you're the founder of your local wine tasting club or you simply want to appreciate a bottle of vintage, the Viticole Tasting Glass is the perfect vessel for sampling your wine. The tall bowl gives extra space for swirling your tipple, allowing the aromas to directly reach your nose before tasting. [more...]

Ballon Champagne Saucers 4.6oz / 130ml - From £17.99

When you've got something to celebrate, make sure you bring out these elegant Ballon Saucers from professional glassware makers Arcoroc. Ideal for bars, special events and quiet celebrations at home, they provide a unique alternative to the traditional champagne flute. [more...]

Bendy Straws Black - From £1.5

Make sure you have a decent supply of these Bendy Straws at hand for any party! Essential and highly useful, Bendy Straws are common place at any home bar. [more...]

Double Length Beer Bong Funnel - £14.99

If you like to take things to the extreme, then the Double Length Beer Bong Funnel from [email protected] is for you! The ultimate party accessory, this beer funnel is the perfect evening's entertainment for your birthday, stag do or hen do! [more...]

Double Walled Ice Bucket With Tongs Inside Lid - £14.99

An essential for any bar or party, the Double Walled Ice Bucket from [email protected] ensures you'll never misplace your pair of tongs again as they sit inside the lid! With a brushed stainless steel finish and double wall design, this bucket will help your ice cubes stay frozen. [more...]

Beer Bong Funnel - £12.99

As any American frat student will tell you, the only way to chug a beer is through a funnel! Now you can hold your own wild sorority style party with the Beer Bong Funnel from [email protected], the ultimate party accessory. [more...]

Mojito Cocktail Kit - £34.99

The [email protected] Mojito kit contains all the equipment you need to start creating your very own delicious version of the famous Cuban cocktail. Whether you like it made the traditional way or quickly shaken, this kit has it sorted. Don't wait for the sunshine, start making your very own Mojitos today! [more...]

Cancun Cocktail Glasses 8.5oz / 240ml - £19.99

These glasses from Durobor are perfect for cocktails, whether you're serving at a party or a bar. They have been reinforced around the rim, making this one of the strongest cocktail glasses around. [more...]

Alternato Wine Glasses 11.6oz / 330ml - £24.99

The Alternato Wine Glass says goodbye to the traditional glass stem, instead offering a short, thick stem with a characteristic bubble in the base. With a rounded bowl, the Alternato has been designed for a comfortable hold, whether standing at the bar or sitting at the dinner table. [more...]

German Beer Stein Glass 2 Pint - From £13.99

No-one drinks better than the Germans! So recreate the famous German beer festivals with a Traditional 2 pint Stein Beer Glass! [more...]

Hot Shot Glasses 1.2oz / 35ml - From £6.99

These Boston Hot Shot Glasses are exactly like the ones you get in bars for shooters, like slippery nipples, Aftershock and other drinks you tend to tip down your neck in two seconds! [more...]

Del Sol Parasol Straws - From £1.49

Bring that holiday sunshine feeling to your cocktail with these parasol drinking straws. They will keep your drink looking and feeling cool. With a variety of assorted colours to choose from, you can add two to each drink without forgetting whose straw is whose! [more...]

Disposable Martini Glasses Black 5.3oz / 150ml - From £5.99

Whether you're throwing a party for friends or hosting a large event, the Disposable Martini Glasses provide the perfect alternative to breakable glassware. These 15cl glasses feature a unique black stem for a sophisticated look, ideal for serving up a variety of martini style cocktails. [more...]

Disposable Wine Glasses Black 8.5oz / 240ml - From £5.99

Ideal for a variety of outdoor and indoor events, these Disposable Wine Glasses offer the perfect alternative to breakable glassware. The black stem gives these plastic 24cl glasses a unique look, ideal for parties and bars looking for a more sophisticated offering. [more...]

Savoie Wine Glasses 8.5oz / 240ml - From £14.99

Get a taste of the French Alps with the Savoie Wine Glass. Perfect for any wine, the Savoie features a wide, rounded head which makes it perfect for swirling your freshly opened bottle of red or white. [more...]

Cocktail Starter Pack - £39.99

For those who want to emulate the likes of Tom Cruise in the glamorous film Cocktail, the Cocktail Starter Pack contains all the essential elements to get your drink mixing career started. [more...]

Dice Poker Chips Pre-Packed Set - £29.95

Bring out the Dice Poker Chips Pre-Packed Set at your next poker game and you're guaranteed to impress your mates. This set features a beautiful smart chip case fashioned from aluminium and is available in a 500 chip set. [more...]

Stainless Steel Freeflow Pourer - From £1.99

Giving you a finer pour, these medium-fast Freeflow Pourers help your aim as you fill up thimble measures or shot glasses. If you like to get creative with your drinks, the Stainless Steel Freeflow Pourers can be used to help create layered cocktails and shots. [more...]

Half Pint Hiball Glasses CE 10oz / 285ml - £35.99

Whatever your usual tipple, these Half Pint Hiball Glasses will cater for your needs! Fill it to the brim with a classic cocktail or long drink, a generous helping of juice or cola or a perfectly poured half pint of beer. [more...]

Pod Bar Stool Black - From £44.99

With a polished chrome base, steel frame and tough-yet-comfortable ABS plastic seat, the Black Pod Bar Stools, with their moulded curves and smooth construction, wouldn't look out of place in a modern art gallery! [more...]

Quaffer Shot Glasses Plastic 2.5oz / 75ml - From £7.99

Ideal for Jager Bombs and other layered shots, the Quaffer Shot is a sure fire hit for your next party! Gather together your drinks and create some crazy chasers! Simply pour any chaser in the bottom and any spirit or liquer on the top, and liquids will stay separated until consumed! [more...]

Cocktail Accessories Set - £13.99

You can spend hours practising mixing up some tasty drinks, but unless you can top off your glass with some fancy decorations, your drink isn't fit to be called a cocktail! The Cocktail Accessories Set helps you create some true masterpieces with a variety of decorations, picks, and straws to complete your creations. [more...]

Pina Colada Cocktail Glasses 13.7oz / 390ml - From £3.99

The Pina Colada is such a special drink that it deserves a glass all to itself! No normal glass will do when mixing up one of these rum cocktails - make sure you drink a Pina Colada the right way by drinking from one of these! [more...]

Rigid Re-usable Pint Tumblers CE 20oz / 568ml - From £2.99

When it gets late in the weekend and your friends are getting a bit lairy at your home bar, you might begin to worry that a few glasses will get knocked over or dropped. All you need is a few of these acrylic re-usable tumblers! [more...]

Thirst Aid Beer Helmet - From £6.99

This hat is a drinkers dream. If you have permanently got an ache in your right arm then this is for you! Holding two standard cans of drink, you can enjoy both at once through the straw, providing you with double the refreshment with none of the effort. [more...]

Beer Bong - From £4.99

If you've never been able to show off your drinking skills to your mates, then grab a hold of one of these party shooter Beer Bongs and get ready to impress as you down a drink in seconds! [more...]

Ultimate Bar Book - £14.39

The Comprehensive Guide to Over 1,000 Cocktails! Ultimate Bar Book is the first and only guide to classic and new drink recipes. Loaded with essential-to-know topics such as barware, tools, and mixing tips, this book has it all. [more...]

Premiere Home Cinema Seating - 2 Seater Black - From £4.99

Make sure you enjoy the finest cinematic experience known to man with the Premiere Home Cinema Seating! This 2 seat set offers independent inclining seats controlled at the touch of a button, each with built-in heat and massage points attached to a useful handset. [more...]

Economy Plastic Playing Cards - From £1.99

Every home needs a pack of cards! You never know when you'll get a card game itch that just needs scratching! Whether it's a quick game of Snap with the kids, or a heated game of Texas Hold'Em with your mates, always make sure you've got a deck of cards at hand! [more...]

Flow Wine Rack - £29.99

Inspired by the flow of liquid, this sculptural wine rack is finished in brushed stainless steel. Flow is wall mounted and will hold up to eight bottles using a minimum of space. [more...]

Bar Caddy Starter Kit - £19.99

You've bought your booze, stocked up on pourers, optics and the like, and you’ve even got a quality blender to go with it all. Now all you need are the small accessories that make all the difference! [more...]

Domino Martini Cocktail Glasses 5.3oz / 150ml - From £18.99

No matter how colourful and florid you like your cocktails, the Domino always gives them a touch of sleek style with it's clear glass head and it's black stem & base! [more...]

Pub Measure 25ml - £5.99

It's all very well having a vast collection of spirit bottles in your drinks cupboard, but how do you know the correct dosage? The easy and safe way to make sure you're drinking in moderation is a Pub Measure! [more...]

Slim Jim Polypropylene Hiball Tumblers 10.6oz / 300ml - From £2.99

Ideal for serving a variety of drinks, the Slim Jim Polypropylene Hiball Tumblers offer something different to the norm with a tall plastic tumbler suitable for cocktails and long drinks. With a rigid reusable construction, these stackable polypropylene tumblers are ideal for serving drinks at parties. [more...]

White Plastic Ice Crusher - £9.99

There are ways to reduce big, chunky ice cubes to the perfect consistency for cocktails, and thie White Plastic Ice Crusher is one of them! Simply twist the handle and the metal teeth will give you plenty of ice shards for your drinks. [more...]

Irish Coffee Glasses 10.2oz / 290ml - From £11.99

With a broad foot and large capacity, this set of Irish Coffee Glasses can hold enough of your special brew to keep you warm through the night! [more...]

Store & Pour Red - From £4.99

The Store & Pour is a neat little seal-able and reusable plastic bottle with a simple but highly effective pouring spout. Ideal for adding mixers and juice to cocktails and spirits when behind a bar, at a party or hosting a special event. [more...]

Professional Boston Cocktail Shaker - From £5.99

The choice of the professional, the Boston Cocktail Shaker utilises simplicity with usability. Just a glass and a tin are all you need to mix drinks like the masters! [more...]

Plastic Champagne Flutes Black 4.4oz / 125ml - From £3.99

One of the most annoying things about having people round for champagne is when they have a little too much and some of your precious glassware gets broken. Well, with these simple disposable plastic champagne flutes all your breakage worries will be over! [more...]

Zenith Bar Stool Black - £99.99

The stylish and contemporary Zenith Bar Stool, with full swivel capability and a smooth gas lifting mechanism, finished in chrome and available in a black finish, would not look out of place in a designer furniture store window. The Zenith is an ideal addition to any home bar or breakfast counter. [more...]

Port Sipper Set with Four Sippers - £29.99

To help you on the way to becoming a port connoisseur, the luxury Porto Decanter Set is the perfect kit to enjoy the sweet taste of the fortified wine with some friends and savour the flavours. The set consists of a fine glass decanter with 4 branches, each of which holds a special port sipper glass. [more...]

Islande Double Shot Glasses 2.1oz / 60ml - From £9.99

Perfect for parties, the 60ml capacity of the Islande Shot Glasses makes them excellent for creating extra large shots, and even for visual displays with layered shots. Whatever your poison, the heavyweight design of the Islande Shot Glasses ensures they can withstand as much punishment as you can serve up! [more...]

Plastic Half Yard of Ale - From £1.99

Drink half a yard of ale in one that's a party trick! Made from break-resistant plastic, this can be used over and over again until you can't drink anymore! [more...]